5 Telltale Signs That Your Office Design Is Affecting Your Employees

For some business owners, office design is not as important are running the day-to-day operations. They can simply work and placed their employees anywhere and achieve the same results. But the truth is, the working environment plays a major role in how your employees work. A lot of case studies have already proven that a well-designed workspace can increase work productivity.

Which is why forward-thinking business owners invest in quality spaces for their business. If you think that your workspace is adversely affecting your subordinate’s performance, interior design fit out companies in Dubai compiled a list of signs that can tell that your workers are not happy with their work environment:

  1. Employees’ output are not looking good

There can be a lot of reasons why your employees’ performance is falling behind. But researchers say that the workspace can immensely affect your employees’ productivity rate. A well-designed space can inspire employees to work. Moreover, the overall look of the office space can encourage creativity and innovation, which are important to a company’s progress. If you find that your employees are falling behind that numbers and are submitting half-baked work, check out your office space. You might need to do some revamp.

  • There has been an increased in office accidents

A poorly-designed office space will not only cause negative work performance, but it can also cause accidents. A wrongly-placed copier or electrical cords that are all over the place can lead to serious injuries or worse office fire. You need to check with your Human Resource Department about the rate of office accidents recorded or for complaints about office equipment and other concern. Increase on both might be a signal that you need some office fitout upgrade.

  • The absenteeism rate increased

Apart from poor work performance, you might also find that employees are getting sick or calling in sick more often. The reasons of these employees might vary, but you need to consider the workspace as part of the problem. Some employees might prefer to take a leave instead of staying longer in the office.

  • Clutter is everywhere

Clutter is the number one enemy of any space, especially office spaces. But more often than not, clutter is caused by office layout that are not well-planned. Employees tend to leave their clutter as there is no space provided for storage. If you see clutter all over the space, it might be time to rethink your office design.

  • Employees are grumpy and irritated

If you find your employees annoyed and irritated most of the time, it might be because of the space. A poor working environment can harness negativity amongst people residing and working in the space.

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