Cool interior designs

Interior does not only decorate a place but they also do the work of enlightening and making the place come to life with the prospects of its owner and sprinkling the charm and attractiveness that allures the audience to the place. Interiors must be compelling enough for the clients and customers to be pleased with wanting to capture every moment of the day.

Here are a few simply mesmerizing restaurant interior designs Dubai to inspire you for your next upcoming project. The best part about these design ideas is that you can even apply to luxury modern office design.

Don Pedro

This restaurant was introduced in 2001 with family dinner. A place where you could relax with all your children and enjoy a stress-free meal but throughout the years it has developed as a metal punk goth restaurant which is now a place for diy-leaning musicians, providing them a platform to improve themselves.

Le Pain Frances

The most elegant restaurant located in Sweden with the most aesthetic touch you would find anywhere. It has these exquisite royal blue colours with a theme of simple yet elegantly aesthetics interiors and furniture that speaks the language of Paris and romance.

What happens when

This sounds like the title of a book – but trust us when we say that this is the name of a restaurant situated in New York, whose decoration keeps changing and this is the reason behind the name. Every time the decoration and the music keeps changing. Its interiors are all white also the lighting, except for the walls which are painted in jet black giving this really cool look to the place with a breathtaking decor every month.


This restaurant is located in Malaysia with extremely chic and modern looking structure even though it was created 40 years back. Its interior has kept changing and modernizing with the advancing world and as the style changes so does this restaurant. It has these elegant chandeliers hanging and tables with aesthetic copper chairs which is way too cute and picture perfect.

All in all, there is literally a world of interior design ideas out there for you to try out. The only thing that you would have to do is to look for them in the right places and then choose the ones that you believe can best match your requirements.

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