How Swimming Pool Designs Have Evolved?

Our world is always in the process of a constant change. Everything around us keeps changing all the time and we are able to feel the change after some time. The telephones were replaced very much by the cellphones, which were replaced further by the smart phones. Similarly, the designs of swimming pools have also undergone an evolution process, which is nothing less than a revolution as now people with smaller houses can also enjoy the luxury of a swimming pool. If you’re someone who lives and works in the United Arab Emirates, you can always hire the services of landscape designers in Dubai to pave a beautifully designed swimming pool in the smallest of available space in your villa or house.

In the past, the swimming pools largely used to come in a rectangular shape but now it is nothing less than a style statement and a status symbol. If you have swimming pool in a house, it reflects the taste and the personality of the house owner, while swimming pools in hotels and resorts are a clear reflection of luxurious standards. If you have happened to visit some of the best hotels in Dubai, you must have witnessed various designs of the swimming pools, such as oval, figure of eight, circles, oblong, or just any other shape. During initial days of the swimming pools, they used to have blue tiles installed at their bed. It is not the case anymore as the landscape designers have come up with different colors of the tiles, with green color being the second most used color after blue. Moreover, some designers go to the extent of creativity to generate jaw-dropping murals or mosaics including mermaids, fishes or other aquatic organisms, or the beautiful underwater scenery. The sky is the limit!

As mentioned above, the swimming pools at houses are a true reflection of the owner’s personality and taste. Their swimming pools reflect their lifestyles. They opt for certain customized options like temperature controls, Jacuzzi, a kids’ pool, or hot and cold pools. Some of the hottest tourist destinations in European countries have gone to the extent of installing a bar in the swimming pools to give their customers the lasting experience. Even many hotels and resorts in the United Arab Emirates in general and Dubai in particular have also installed some of the most breath-taking swimming pool designs which are never short of facilities like bars. Contact the best swimming pool design companies in Dubai today.

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