A Simple Guide To Yard Maintenance For Lazy Homeowners

Lawn maintenance can be exhausting. To keep your lawn and yard tended, you need to allot time to mow the grass and keep it healthy and green. Not to mention taking care of the flowers and other elements in your lawn. And this can more daunting if lawn maintenance is not your cup of tea.

If you are the type of homeowner that is not into lawn tending and maintenance, these simple pointers from reputable landscaping companies in UAE can help you take good care of your lawn with little work:

  1. Go for an artificial grass


As they say, if you can’t manage it, fake it instead. If you have a lawn that is too big for you to mow and maintain, then it would be best to forego the natural grass and go for the synthetic ones instead. A lot of homeowners today are looking into replacing their natural lawn grass with an artificial one since it is easy to tend, if there will be tending needed. You don’t have to mow them as their blades will not grow. And you don’t have to worry about the aesthetic value of this alternative. Artificial and synthetic grass is made to look like the natural ones in terms of look and feel.


  1. Choose low maintenance flowers


Tending and making sure that the flowers will not wither is a lot of work. If you don’t have the green thumb and you don’t have the time to tend your blooms, it would be best to choose plants and perennials that are low maintenance. Low maintenance flowers can grow in extreme conditions with less care and maintenance.


  1. Design yard with less grass


If you still want to have natural grass on your lawn, the best solution would be designing a lawn that has less grass on it. For example, allot minimal or small area for natural grass and your garden flowers. This would lessen the area that you need to tend and maintain. For the rest of the terrain, you can either install a cabana or a lanai to aesthetically maintain the appeal of the exterior space.


  1. Automate your system


Watering the plants and the lawn to make sure that they are green and healthy can be taxing, especially if you are dealing with a very large exterior space. If you don’t want to spend all day watering your lawn, it would be best to automate your watering system. You can just set the time when the system water the whole space.

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