Aerial Filming- A Comprehensive Guide for BeginnersGeneral 

Aerial Filming- A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Before taking off from a remote location, it is important to know some basic aerial filming in Dubai. These tips include flying at a low altitude, avoiding crowded areas, and ensuring the lens is positioned correctly. Other things to keep in mind such as focusing on the subject at eye level. Using a tripod is also helpful. A drone is great for getting a unique perspective, so try balancing it over a table to avoid a camera shake.

Match the subject’s speed to your own:

It is important to match the subject’s speed to your own when shooting from a drone. If you’re too fast, you’ll be distracted by the camera and miss some details. Creating a checklist of all the items you’ll need for aerial filming can prevent this from happening. You can cross off items as you go along. A checklist will help you avoid forgetting anything essential for the shoot.

Consider how the subject will be positioned:

When flying a drone, it’s important to consider how the subject will be positioned. You can choose between shooting from behind and front, depending on the shot. To make it easier to follow the subject, shoot from the side. If you’re filming a person, fly parallel to the person so that the camera is pointed to the left. Aim to shoot at their eye level. Aim for a wide-angle so that the camera can capture as much as possible.

Always choose an angle for the shot:

Always choose an angle for the shot and remember that the camera has to be pointed forward for a cinematic effect. Then, choose the flattest camera profile, which will ensure a wider dynamic range for your aerial camera. A wide-angle will keep the sky from blowing out, while dark ground will retain details. The camera’s position will also prevent the subject from obscuring other objects. If you’re filming the subject, make sure to keep in mind that the subject will be facing away from the cameras.

Consider the settings and the camera:

Besides planning the shot, consider the settings and the camera. If you’re shooting with a GoPro, choose a higher frame rate, as it will give you more detail in your footage. Generally, 30 frames per second are the best frame rate for aerial footage, but if you need to slow it down, shoot at 120 fps. These tips for aerial filming are invaluable. If you’re thinking about making a documentary, be sure to think about these tips.

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