Evolution of Elevators

Evolution of Elevators

You walk in and out of elevators every day, ride to the 10th floor and come back down. You have never once stopped to think what would happen if one day you entered your apartment or office and found no button to press to call a machine. It’s a machine lifts you up from the ground and deliver you to the desired floor, because when sometimes elevators did stop working they got repaired instantly. Elevators are that one thing that no one can survive without – just like mobile phones yet we take it all for granted.

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The first ever elevator invented was in 200 B.C when the Greek mathematician Archimedes designed the little machine that developed over the years. It was soon opt by King Louis XV of France which was referred as the flying chair that would lift a person by pulling the rope in his one story palace. We can clearly see how the world developed from there and now we are able to reach even the hundredth floor with ease. But that didn’t happen just like that as there was more to come after the palace of King Louis XV.

Industrial revolution took place in the 1800s when the need of elevators came forward as the large amounts of fuels handled by the people were facing a huge problem in their transportation and that is when elevators were inserted. They were mainly used in the coal mines which proved to be a smart and successful decision that not only helped the workers but it also managed the work easily. This is the same reason that hydraulic lift suppliers in UAE have been successful in establishing their business because there is an undeniable need of lifts in industries.

Everything has its downsides and so did elevators. Initially they had a safety risk which was soon overcome by learning from past experiences and that is why they have become a safer option and have been applied even in the modern buildings. Stop button is one of the safety measures that were invented which helped in stopping an elevator even if the cable was cut. This has helped save many lives and made the journey of an elevator safer.