The Most Soothing Cocktails in Dubai

If you plan a girls’ night out or are inviting your female friends at home, cocktails are always considered the best choice to switch on your mood and kick off the party. In Dubai, you can find some nice bars and lounges where you can celebrate your success, or any other occasion in a great party mode. Hotels and malls lovers always feel excited to visit new places but enjoying a cocktail bar in Dubai is an excellent idea for giving you an obvious traveling and an attractive rock-and-roll drinking opportunity. Don’t spoil your mood by paying extra for the much-deserved fun and always look for the options which are budget friendly.

Hectic week hmm! Let’s party girls, call all your friends and enjoy a timeout party at the nearest bar with some of the most extraordinary beats on the dance floor. Luckily, there are some special days in which only ladies are allowed to enjoy their evenings with friends without disturbing the crowd out there. There are many types of cocktails available out there so don’t worry about losing all your money quickly. You just have to be a little creative to select the best mix for recharging your mood.

Monday nights are rocking nights for ladies in many bars like Mint Leaf, where you find the world’s best fleet of cocktails and snacks to forget the challenges of the professional life in company of your best friends. The bar offers three complimentary cocktails for welcoming your sparkles and relaxing your atmosphere. You can find DJ’s rocky beats to make your feet move without a break or a classy ambiance to just enjoy the evening in the bright moonlight.

The reason why people really miss a cool cocktail bar is the soothing atmosphere and relaxing company with refreshing beats and lovely combination of colors and flavors in a glass of cocktail. It is so cheerful and comforting time which helps you in sleeping well and charging your nevers up for the challenges of the next morning. People really enjoy and have fun of sipping their glass of cosmopolitan.

The interior of café and lounge is designed to create a unique fantastic festooned place for welcoming teens and youngsters from whole of Dubai. All females are complimented with three free beverages with inviting their guests for party and dancing opportunity. Male partners are also fascinated to join the company if it’s not a day restricted for ladies only.

Foreign workers and job hunters, who need a break from all their worries and homesickness, can also join the party and regain their passion to work hard and earn more for their families back home in their native country. You just need to order a smoothie or fruit vodka to kick off your fun-filled night.

Dubai ladies night on Monday is dedicated to all the ladies so don’t worry about interruptions by boys and just enjoy your hand-picked drink on a dancing floor.