Unusual Apartment Hunting Tips Prospective Renters Should Know

Apartment hunting is definitely a lot of work. Although the prospect of seeing new spaces is fun, the frustration of looking and booking home visits can be a nightmare. Not to mention the disappointment of knowing that you picked the wrong place.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you are looking for furnished studios for rent in Beirut, here are some out-of-the-box tips that you can employ:

  1. Check the space’s connectivity and reception

Most of the time, prospective buyers and renters are so focused on the physical appearance of the space that they entirely forget to check the miscellaneous details, like the cellphone reception. Be sure to check this one when you do home inspections and visits. It is imperative that your space have a good connection for both cellular phones and Internet. If you must, check every room’s phone reception.

  1. Test the waters, literally

Yes, you read it right. When scouting for an apartment, you need to check if all the system is working, especially the water. You might be surprised that some apartments and spaces do not have a functioning faucet and shower. Some prospective buyers go as far as tasting the water to check if it is viable for use.

  1. Visit the place on a rainy day

Going out during a downpour can put a damp on your plan, but experts say that this is the best time to check out spaces. You will see the space’s true condition during the rainy days. You will see if the drains and spouts are clogged-free and if the window seals are working and without leaks. These are things that you will not be able to see during house inspection on a sunny day.

  1. Say No to apartments above dining spaces

Movies depicted apartment spaces above restaurants and bars some kind of cool and hip. But in reality, these spaces is not one for keeps. Although the advantages are there – easy access to food and dining, the disadvantages outweighs the benefits. You will be perpetually disturb by the noise and the smell of cooking will seep through your curtains and sheets.

  1. Think about your furnishings

It is easy to get impressed by a space with plush interiors, but you also need to take into account your furniture. Be sure that your home pieces would fit the space, in terms of design and size.

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