Things to know before visiting Dubai

The amazing Dubai has long been enthralling the global diasporas of tourists and oversea job seekers which means the tourism industry has no risks of slowing down in anytime sooner. During first six months of the Year 2017, Dubai entertained over 8 million international overnight tourists, which was 10.6 percent more when compared with the same period of last year. This amazing city offers more than just tourism. Following is a list of many attractions that can woo any tourist, whether the first-timer or a returning tourist.


  1. Dubai is not just about high skylines but also offers rich culture and tradition. Moreover, you can visit the Dubai Creek which is regarded as the original heart of the city. Here you can find Iranian turquoise trinkets, Omani ornaments, Saudi Arabian dates, and many more things that you don’t expect to see in this modern world of Dubai.
  2. Dubai is the regional capital of cuisines where you can treat your taste buds to some of the most amazing dishes of the Middle East region as well as South Asian, Mexican, Italian, continental, Chinese, and many other most popular cuisines in the world. The diversified expats community brings with it several different tastes of the many regions in the world. From Lebanese shawarma to Rajasthani pulses, you can eat it all in Dubai. In Dubai, you have access to Pakistani, Indian, Afghan, Bangladeshi, Filipino, Iranian, and Yemeni foods.
  3. Against all the speculations in the western media, you would be surprised to know that despite being a Muslim city, Dubai is not as conservative as expected. You may wear short skirts on Dubai roads and you don’t have to cover your head while you can also sport a bikini on Dubai beaches.
  4. The local transport is on the cheaper side, especially the public transportation options like Metro Train Service and RTA buses.
  5. Dubai has one of the most sparkling nightlife and there are many bars, spas, clubs, and lounges where you can enjoy alcohol and other beverages. However, you should stay in these bars to have alcohol as you can’t take alcohol or Champagne publically.
  6. The most important thing to know before planning a trip to Dubai is its climate. Dubai gets really hot during summers and the temperature gets up to 55 degrees Celsius. This is why most of the travel experts suggest people to visit Dubai between November and March.