Warning Signs Your Heart is Not Functioning Properly Health and Medical 

Warning Signs Your Heart is Not Functioning Properly

One of the first warning signs of heart failure is feeling faint or lightheaded. Although this may be a normal part of aging, it is important to visit the best cardiologist in Dubai immediately. It can be a sign of cardiac arrest if the heart stops working. Symptoms of heart failure can range from shortness of breath to breathlessness. People may dismiss these symptoms as the flu or other temporary conditions, and they can ignore them for years. Shortness of breath: The first warning sign of heart failure is shortness…

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Treating Depression Innovatively

Have you been to many parts of the world? If so, you must have noticed many different people welcoming you to their country. You cannot tell from their faces if they are not doing well despite trying to pose themselves. It happens and it is not necessary for the person to be suffering from some type of disorder or illness. When we talk about disorder, we mean that it is something that is not allowing the person to react and behave properly. It can be due to a number of…

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Things to know about your first gynecologist visit

It is nearly inevitable to avoid going to a gynecologist if you are a girl. There is going to come a time when you will have to pay a visit to them and would be awkward and weird but everything will turn out to be fine. There are a few things which you must know before you pay your gynaecologist the first ever visit in your existence: You don’t need a reason to visit them It is advised that girls aging 13-15 must visit gynaecologist because that is the time…

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