Things to know about your first gynecologist visit

It is nearly inevitable to avoid going to a gynecologist if you are a girl. There is going to come a time when you will have to pay a visit to them and would be awkward and weird but everything will turn out to be fine. There are a few things which you must know before you pay your gynaecologist the first ever visit in your existence:

  • You don’t need a reason to visit them

It is advised that girls aging 13-15 must visit gynaecologist because that is the time when their body is going through major changes as they hit puberty. But there shouldn’t be a reason to visit the gynaecologist, you can be healthy and perfect and reserve an appointment to build a relationship with your gynae so that you can discuss all the health care advice with them.

  • Throw nervousness in the dustbin

The whole concept of visiting the gynaecologist is getting comfortable, yes it can be nervous in the beginning but you don’t have to be. There are always going to be female chaperons around to help you when you have a pelvic exam. The moment you feel uncomfortable or being treated unwell, you can end the appointment and everything will be fine.

  • Getting rid of pubic hair is your choice

Some women make sure that they groom their vaginas perfectly before they pay their doctor a visit. This is completely their choice because removing hair is a cosmetic purpose and it doesn’t concern your gynae. Yes, proper hygiene and shower is recommended for better cleaning.

  • Anyone can accompany you

As said before that it is normal for you to feel nervous and if it helps, you can bring your family or friend to the visit with you. Good gynecologist in Dubai must not have any problem with that and the decision would completely depend on you whether to keep them alongside during the visit and exam or ask them to wait outside. Patients must feel in control of their actions to be comfortable.

  • Be honest

The whole point is to discuss things which internet cannot answer and when you are asked about your sexual habits and fears, don’t be ashamed. Be open to them about everything and seek advice. Visit for further details.