Types of Dance you can learn

Dancing has many physical, mental and professional benefits. It is a proven remedy for stress, hearth problems, weight issues, and other hormonal imbalances. Different musicians always try to tune different masterpieces that enlighten your mood, de-stress your mind and make you move and dance on its flow. Different types of music demand different dancing steps and moves so professionals categorize them in different names and steps. Many dance academies offer dancing classes in Dubai at a very cost-effective manner. Are you interested to enroll yourself in a dancing class? Getting to know different forms of dancing will make your job easier.

Types of Dances

Tango: Tango has many variations, high energy levels and physical coordination.

Waltz:  Waltz has slow and graceful dancing moves and it’s usually performed with a partner. It is very appropriate for ball room dancing and on solo tunes in which affection is highlighted. This dance was first introduced in early 1990s but got famous gradually across the globe.

Rumba: – An affectionate dance with lots of lower body movements with loud and strengthen music tunes, this dance was first introduced in 1930s.

Swing on Jazz: This is an American and African dancing style which was introduced in the early 1920s and got famous in other regions too. It gives elegant body movements with glamour and attitude.

Chachacha: This dance is very rhythmic and energetic and needs great coordination among partners. It has fast and slow spacing with lots of feet movements.

Jazz and Broadway Tap Dance: A slave dance, introduced in the mid-1920s, has a huge sound coordination produced by taping shoes on wooden floor. It is very famous and enjoyable dance during parties and teen get-togethers.

Classical: Kathac and Indian classical dance is world famous and is usually considered the basic of dancing for children and youngsters. It is also treated as holy dance and Hindus perform them to please their Gods during special occasions.

Salsa: A Caribbean dance which is very popular among social gathering. It is originated from chachacha in the 1970s and was adopted by other regions and dancing industries. It has very energetic moves and great flexibility.

Moonwalk: Walking backwards with great ease like you are walking on the gummy surface, this dance got famous because of dancing legend Michel Jackson. He popularized it by performing it in his various acts and songs.

Polka: A craze dance that influence international dances to use it in different ball room occasions or social parties. In this dance female partners perform more elegantly and male partners treat them very delicately. It is a national dance in most of the European counties.

Flamenco: This dance is usually performed on guitar and includes singing and clapping. Flamenco is a type of baile dance in which more firm and strictness is used to express emotions. It is Spanish heritage but performed internationally.

Funk and Hip-hop: This is a popular dancing style introduced in the 1970s. This style of dancing got a great exposure among talent shows, media and television as it excites the audience.

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