4 PPC Trends That Would Help You Win The Ads Game

It is 2018 and some internet marketing Dubai companies probably start rolling out some of their campaigns, including pay-per-clicks and paid ads. By this time, they probably experienced some the trends that reputable digital marketers predicted last year.

To help some PPC practitioners catch up with these trends, here is a roundup of the things that are expected to become big for PPC players:

  1. Technical and structured data will matter

It has been said that structured data will play a major role in search engine optimization this year. The same goes for PPC campaign. This 2018 will mark the rise of detailed and rich product information, not only for the websites, but for paid ads as well. As we all know, Google Manufacturer Center already rolled out two years ago, but it is still not being utilized up to this day. Experts in PPC in Dubai predict that might be of use this year.

For those who are not aware of this product, the Google Manufacturer Center is a free tool provided by Google that allows product manufacturers to present their products to online shoppers in the main search engine (Google.com) and other Google products and services.

  • The Google vs. Amazon Ad spat will spark innovations

Google has been dominating the search engine and paid ads game for a very long time, and some did try and fail to outrank them in the race. But this year, one competitor is catching up. Amazon is putting together and testing their ads to service clients who are looking for other paid ad channels to utilize. With Amazon ads getting strong, Google would probably roll out changes that would quash the competition. As expected, Amazon will come up with a backup plan. This is a good thing for PPC players and business owners as they will have more options for search engine marketing.

  • Voice search would impact customer behavior

Although voice search is still an emerging trend, it would probably get more attention this year as it is predicted that it will impact user behavior. However, do not expect marketing companies utilize this for their PPC campaigns. The trend would probably be used to monitor user behavior.

  • AI will impact PPC campaigns for the better

There have been talks about that Artificial Intelligence would make an impact on PPC campaigns. But it would be more on ad rotations, bid optimization, and other components of PPC campaigns. Automation will help PPC practitioners manage their accounts better.

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